About Me

Who Is Pedro Cruz?

My name is Pedro Cruz and I am a Graphic Designer. My interest in graphic designing started when I was 14 years of age my freshmen year of high school. I was fascinated with the idea of creating illustrations and designs that could be show cased in front of many people or used as a logo or promotion for other companies. Through the rest of my high school years, I would go onto learning how to use different programs to edit and create graphics such as Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. After graduating high school I enrolled at wake tech community college in the computer engineering program for my first year. After realizing my passion was in Graphic Designing I changed my major and enrolled in the Graphic Design and Advertising program at Wake Tech.

My designs are meant to be simple but easy to associate with the concept or company the client requires. I like to keep things simple and unique so my designs are easy to recognize and more accessible for the client to use in advertising and product placement. My designs meant to be the only ones of their kind, I make my designs stand out from what the common concept for an idea might be so that the client is able to feel confident that no one else on the market might have something similar.